Family Fun – the UK Games Expo Overview

Saturday 2nd June was a special day.

My brother would tell you that’s because it was his 30th birthday (and yes, that was pretty special). But what made it even better was that it was also a day filled with games. SO MANY GAMES. Two big halls of them, specifically.

Worth travelling all the way to Birmingham for, for sure.

The UK Games Expo 2018 took place over three days – the 1st to the 3rd June 2018 – and involved thousands of visitors, 300+ exhibitors, tournaments, a huge variety of games, and even a field full of vikings.

On the second day, I loaded three kids and a protesting partner into the car and insisted they give it a try.

Here’s what we found:

1. The UK Games EXPO is great for families

There were plenty of games to try. There was a dedicated kids roleplaying zone, and the kids games zone too, with lots of family friendly fun to try out. D discovered a whole new world of fun with Tails of Equestria, a My Little Pony D&D style storytelling RPG that sucked her in straight away. Looking forward to exploring that a bit more over the coming months! Oh, and there were multicoloured llama hats for sale. Not just for kids. Everyone loves a llama.

my little pony tails of equestria

2. Treasure hunts help keep kids happy

As an adult, I kind of wanted to peruse all the things on offer. Some things, the kids weren’t so keen on. So the ‘Beginners Guide’

3. Don’t slack on the snacks

There are places to get food. There are also big queues to get the food, and then to get the table to eat the food at. Basically, take food, and take drink. Or try and time your human needs for the times when other humans don’t have them.

4. You’ll find all creatures, big and small

Which is a reference to the size of games companies. Some of our favourite finds were games from very small companies we might never have known about otherwise. The kids loved 4 Elements, a

5. Your wallet might cry but you’ll still be smiling

With so much awesome stuff on offer it’s hard not to buy things. We found that cards were accepted in most cases when we wanted to buy, and whereas previously at such shows I’ve limited my purchase power by taking cash and that’s that when its gone, this time I found I spent more than planned just because it was so easy to whip out the plastic. Or paypal transferring. Modern technology does have benefits.

Worth it though, even though we might all be eating beans for the rest of the month.