Moonstone – 4 player all vs all play through

Moonstone is a darkly whimsical fantasy fairytale game, where the object is to collect Moonstones – represented by shiny little D4’s that’ll cause a whole lot of shenanigans… because your opponents are after them too!
Unlike many tabletop skirmish games, this is 2-4 players, and each troupe can be one of three factions: Dominion, Commonwealth, or Leshavult.
There are lots of different races to choose from – you could choose faeries, humans, goblins, gnomes, fauns, spirits… even giants and trolls, and the models are absolutely beautiful too. Read on to find out how our most recent four player game panned out!

Moonstone – Starting the Game

We begin with four troupes of colourful characters… well, some more than others, as only the faeries and one half finished Firespitter were showing off their finery whilst the others remain (for now) a muted shade of just-put-together grey. In their varying states of paintedness, the line up was as follows:

Faeries (Dominion faction): Teetoe, The Fencer, and Gwendoline

Goblins (Dominion faction): Firespitter, Grub, and Doug the Flatulent

Humans (Commonwealth faction): Friar Flavius, Brunhilde and Baron Von Fancyhat

Witches (Leshavult faction): Zorya, Antonia and Danica

The Moonstone Character Cards are available to view on the Moonstone website, if you’re wondering what tricks these characters have up their sleeves (or under their hats, in some cases).

One the troupes were selected, the Moonstones were sprinkled over the board. After three calls of MULLIGAN, we were left with an interesting scatter that grouped four moonstones very close together – and even more interestingly, every single one of the seven moonstones on the table had landed as a 1. Easy harvesting! But for whom?

moonstone the game dice

Play Begins – Round 1

In a four player game, there is no one player with initiative, so we rolled off to start. The Witches got to go first, followed by the Humans, then the Faeries and finally the Goblins.

Zorya dived straight in with Violent Impulse, which resulted in a catastrophe that gave +1 melee to Brunhilde, Friar Flavious, Antonia and Zorya herself. Taking full advantage of this, she initiated melee against Brunhilde who pulled out a critical thrust in defence of Zorya’s single thrust… which unfortunately led to 9 damage to Zorya, who was immediately slain. Brunhilde stood looking triumphant and only slightly wounded, with 4 damage making not much of a dent in her impressive health of 13.

Friar Flavious was next to step forward, taking on Antonia with a melee attack whilst the +1 was still in force. With a rising attack vs high guard, he failed to do any damage and moved on to a second attack, with a much more deadly critical falling swing vs low guard – doing a total of 7 damage including the +1 which regrettably left Antonia slain alongside her fellow witch Zorya.

Things were not looking good at all for the Witches, with Danica left standing forlornly alone and Moonstoneless.

As Danica contemplated the fate of her fellow Witches, the Fencer advanced and harvested two of the grouped Moonstones in quick succession. Doug the Flatulent followed hot on her heels, advancing to harvest a third Moonstone.

Not to be outdone, Danica boldly moved forward and harvested the fourth Moonstone, before stepping as far away as possible from others on the board. Noting this, Baron von Fancyhat decided to try his luck and jogged towards her, shooting his pistol wildly and missing completely.

Taking advantage of the distraction (and having pledged a somewhat shaky and suspicious alliance with the Goblins), Gwendoline tentatively jogged forward and cast Rejuvenate on the Firepitter, using a fortuitous pink III to move him forward 3 inches, closer to the Moonstones and also closer to the opposing troupes.

As the Firespitter paused to catch a breath (3 inches is a big movement for one so slow), Grub nipped deftly past him and harvested the fifth Moonstone, gleefully holding it aloft before stepping back a little towards the shadows of a crate of beer barrels.

In a vain attempt to stop all the Moonstones disappearing, Brunhilde jogged forward quickly, before slowing to step a few times. But, too late! Teetoe also jogged forward, nimbly picking up the sixth Moonstone before anyone else got the chance.

As she basked in the pale moonlit glow, the Firespitter made his move, jogging and then slowing as he readied his Fireblast, which shot unfalteringly towards Brunhilde. Gasping in shock, she took first 6 damage, and then – having not quite believed this to be the case, took a further 2, ending the round with a very tenuous grasp on health.

The Action Intensifies – Round 2 

Noting the extremely poor condition of Brunhilde, Danica quickly cast Visions of the Past to restore Brunhilde to full health, much to the dismay of the Firespitter. Whilst he stood with his mouth agape, the Fencer jogged forward, followed by Doug the Flatulent who then continued his movement with a Chaaarge!! towards Baron Von Fancyhat, lance gripped firmly in his hand and pointing slightly skyward. Sweeping it down in a falling swing, he was met with a high guard, somewhat ashamedly doing absolutely no damage at all despite his strong start.

Baron Von Fancyhat decided to return the favour, lifting his longsword in what might have been an impressive falling swing, were it not for the quick reactions of the Firespitter who stepped in with a high guard, leaving both out of breath but undamaged. Recovering quickly, Baron von Fancyhat raised his longsword with vigour, using a critical rising attack as the Firespitter countered with a sweeping cut, resulting in 4 damage to the Firespitter.

As the goblin and the human stood panting from exertion, Gwendoline paused to Rejuvenate the Fencer, moving her 3 steps before jogging away herself.

Finally recovered, the Firespitter stepped out of the wooded patch he had been standing in, hurling a retaliatory Fireblast at Baron Von Fancyhat, the latter nobly transferring all four damage inflicted to Brunhilde, who had taken a reactionary step to move 3 inches towards him.

Fearing for the health of his large and again somewhat wounded friend, Friar Flavius moved towards her and used Healing to return her once again to full health.

Stealthily, Teetoe took five steps towards the Fencer, stopping to watch as Grub jogged to the crate of barrels he had been lingering close to, dropping his Moonstone tantalisingly close to the Firespitter as he opened up a Wyrm Hole which he then disappeared into, vanishing completely for a moment before popping up right next to a fence… and Danica’s back. Using the confusion to his advantage, he let loose a small puff of Bug Spray, which fizzled into the air and caused not even a minor irritation to the otherwise extremely irritated witch.

Oblivious to this tomfoolery, Brunhilde used her new found health to spur herself on towards Doug the Flatulent, arcing forward her blades in a sweeping cut which was met with a low guard, resulting in an end of round with no damage for either.

Moonstones and Melee – Round 3

Regaining his composure, Grub whipped out his Bug Spray with far more aplomb and viciously squirted it twice, causing Danica to drop to the floor along with her Moonstone, which he jogged over to and stared at possessively.

Meanwhile, the Fencer furtively moved towards the edge of the board, finally stepping over the edge and taking a well earned rest alongside her two-Moonstone bounty.

Dismayed at the loss of potential Moonstones, Brunhilde angrily took a swing towards the nearest foe, launching her blades into a sweeping cut that once again was met with a low guard from Doug the Flatulent, doing absolutely no damage at all to either party. Composing herself a little, Brunhilde straightened her back and again brought forth her blades in a second sweeping cut, taking Doug slightly unaware as he countered with a hasty thrust, leaving him with a total of 4 damage compared to a somewhat measly 2 damage to Brunhilde from his lance. 

As the two foes eyed each other warily and contemplated their next move, the Firespitter jogged to the nearby Moonstone (deposited by Grub as he wiggled off on his escape) and picked it up, cradling it close and staring at it in wonder before stepping away from everyone else nearby.

Moving forward to aid the ailing Doug the Flatulent, Gwendoline once again cast Rejuvenate, moving him towards Grub (and more importantly, away from Brunhilde!) and healing him back to full health in the process.

This action was not enough to distract Baron Von Fancyhat, who pressed on towards the Firespitter, entering into melee once again with his longsword held high, prior to plunging it forcefully in a critical falling swing which was countered with a slightly startled rising attack by the still-somewhat-Moonstruck goblin – who then crumpled to the floor still feebly grasping the coveted Moonstone, which tumbled from his grey-tinged hands as the life left him.

Roaring in anger, Doug raised his lance and thrust it towards Friar Flavius, managing to inflict 3 damage in spite of the Friar’s attempt to block with a high guard.

Both failed to notice Teetoe, who crept towards the edge of the board and jumped off the edge to join her companion The Fencer, bringing the faeries total of ‘safe’ Moonstones to three.

Teetoe faerie moonstone the game

Oblivious, and eager to avoid further attacks (and further damage…) Friar Flavius retreated a couple of steps away, before closing his eyes and Healing himself of the damage he had just taken, much to the disgust of Doug who stood furiously considering whether he’d prefer a Moonstone, or a bit more melee action…

Gases and Cries – Round 4

Whilst Doug the Flatulent stood nearby, lost in contemplation, Grub decided to abandon the Moonstone he’d been guarding in favour of reopening his Wyrm Hole and once again vanishing, reappearing a step or two before the Moonstone dropped by the Firespitter, and also – less happily – right next to Baron Von Fancyhat. Defiance shining from his rather beady eyes, Grub jogged to stand right next to the Moonstone, before turning his oddly steely gaze towards the Baron. Secateurs held threateningly in front of him, he thrust them towards von Fancyhat and was met with a critical signature falling swing, followed up with a devastating critical rising attack. His last thoughts as he tumbled towards the Moonstone he had come so close to acquiring related not to the gooey goblin blood pouring from his numerous longsword wounds, but rather to wondering how, in all this fighting and fuss, the Baron’s hat looked still so remarkably unruffled.

With two of the goblin troupe of three now slain, Brunhilde endeavoured to make it three for three, and thrust her blades towards Doug the Flatulent, causing 2 damage despite his valiant attempt to block with a high guard.

Sighing, Gwendoline once again stepped forward and gave aid to her ally, using Rejuvenate to restore his health and move him away from danger… and in fact towards the Moonstone which had until very recently been right next to the [then still alive] Grub.

Nodding in thanks and looking vaguely abashed, Doug stepped forward to pick up the sixth Moonstone, adding it to his original harvest to give himself a health total of two of the precious rocks. Turning triumphantly, he let out a celebratory fart in the direction of Brunhilde and Friar Flavious, his foul gases not enough to take them down, but still every bit noxious enough to do a bit of damage nonetheless.

Holding his nose with one hand in disgust, Baron Von Fancyhat bent over the lifeless body of Grub and delicately harvested the seventh and final moonstone, jogging away somewhat jubilantly, feathered hat flapping, before uttering a rallying cry in the direction of Friar Flavious to assist in his recovery from the stench (and restoring him back to full energy, at the same time).

Feeling eminently better, Friar Flavious windmilled towards Doug the Flatulent with a falling swing, only to be met with a falling swing of Doug’s own – both doing no damage at all, except maybe to pride.

In a final attempt to rid the goblins of their booty, the Friar once again raised his weapon to let forth a rising attack on the goblin and his dog, being met with a thrust from the rather long lance that the goblin was wielding, doing a mediocre amount of damage of 2 to Doug the Flatulent who in turn did 3 to Friar Flavious. Panicking, Friar Flavious raised his hands in case of retaliation and pulled off a limply effected high guard, just as Doug the Flatulent raised his own limbs to form a low guard of his own.

The Final Victor

And as the humans and the goblins carried out their weirdly gyrating not-quite-melee dance – with two Moonstones apiece to gaze upon in between bouts of farting and flailing – and the Witches nowhere to be seen at all, the Faeries sat to one side and smiled secret little sardonic smiles as they quietly celebrated their win.