playing zombicide at dicingwithlife games club RomfordHello and welcome to DicingWithLife.

We are here to bring the joy of games to you. Some of our favourite childhood (and now adulthood!) memories are gathering around a table and playing Cluedo or Monopoly. As we grew, we found new games and new people to play them with, and that’s what we want to do for you too. We are a bunch of avid gamers and hobbyists who want the community to get together and enjoy the thrill of games.

DicingWithLife have set up a Community Games Cafe in Romford, and aside from offering our Games Library throughout all opening hours, we also run three free gaming organised gaming events, on Monday and Tuesday evenings and Saturday daytimes – pop in any time during a session for a chat and a game! ¬†Take a look at what’s on and when here.

People may ask what games we play, the answer is simple… all the games! If it’s played on a tabletop we play it, and if we haven’t we will.¬† We are prepared to demo games if we have them in our extensive and regularly expanding library – just let us know when you book a table what you’d like to play.