DicingWithLife is a tabletop gaming club based in Romford, Essex.

We run social and organised gaming sessions for all ages and abilities.



Throughout our time at the club, we like to explore and share what’s going on in respect of every aspect of gaming. On this site you’ll find our thoughts and experiences of:


On the first Monday of every month, we explore all aspects of miniatures. We look at painting and painters, sculpts and sculptors and everything in between. We will delve into the very early stages of miniature painting and printing, all the way through to masterpieces of experience. 

If you have anything you would like to share as part of our Miniature Monday Madness series, please contact us.


In this section we look at quick and easy games (often for larger groups of players too), go through some basic mechanics of the game and give a brief summary of our thoughts. 






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