Review: Judge Dredd, Helter Skelter

This is a 2000AD comics adaptation of Wildlands, and thoroughly worth checking out. You play as one of four teams. Each team has been placed out of time, and you need to collect time fragments to get back. The time fragments are placed on the board after your characters, in a drawing system. You must then battle to get them back. A player wins when they have five points, which can be scored by collecting time fragments or killing other characters. 

Each team has a different flavour in play style. Some are melee based, some ranged, and some have more psi based attacks. 

Helter Skelter is quite tactical as some of the board locations give you cover or block line of sight, denying ranged attacks at you. In this game when you take your turn you can take as many actions as you wish, providing you can pay for these actions with your cards. Now, these cards not only pay for attacks – they are also used to move your characters and defend when you are being attacked by other players. At the end of your turn you draw three cards to a maximum of seven – however because you use cards to defend, when it gets to your turn you may not have any cards left – so you may be for bed to skip a turn, especially if you spent a lot of cards on actions the previous turn. Not all cards work for all characters either – picking and choosing wisely which cards to use, and when, is an important part of the game.

Now, just because you didn’t activate during your turn doesn’t mean you won’t activate at all. There are interrupt cards you may draw that you can play after an opponent’s turn, or during their turn after they have completed an action. So let’s say I was shot from an adjacent location, I take damage unless I can block it. I then play interrupt, move on to the same tile as my opponent, and then enter into melee, killing him. 

As I say this game is very tactical and playing the right card at the right time can be devastating. Saying that, you do need the right hand to start with, which is obviously luck based. With fast paced combat and tactics, this game takes around 30-40 minutes to complete and is 2-4 player with easy to pick up rules. Give it a go – it’s great fun and comes with a few nice miniatures too.  

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