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muffin time card game box and plushie muffin

The new game from Big Potato arrived on our table this month.

A simple concept for a win. Collect ten cards, say muffin time, and wait for the start of your turn. Sounds easy right…? Wrong! The other players will screw you over by stealing cards, swapping hands, adding to your hand… if you don’t have exactly ten cards on the start of your next turn, you don’t win. 

Muffin time is so simple even a dyslexic dog will understand it. When its your turn, you place a trap card if you have one and you want to, then either draw a card or play an action card. However, when you do, another player may play a counter card, completely altering whatever you planned to do. For example, its my turn so I play the action ‘you’re fat’ (choose another player to draw five cards) – but they counter with ‘beep beep, I’m a sheep’ (any action cards played specifically on you now affects all players) and so everyone has to draw five. Frustrating if you were at nine! It’s a game where literally doing anything can spell your doom. Any action you take can usually be countered in some way… unless it is a mini game, which involves all players. 

trap action and counter cards muffin time game

Also… there are traps. When you get a trap you can place it face down in front of you. These add a crazy element to the game which makes you fearful of doing anything, as it may trigger a trap. Perhaps a player will have to create a distraction and then gets to steal one card from every player they fooled, or maybe you can make someone lose three cards if they check the rules. After a trap is triggered, you flip it over, revealing the fate of the player who set it off. 

This game is full of great and comical artwork, has loads of deployability and is steeped in dirty tactics. Big Potato make this game and it really has that Big Potato feel. For ages 13+ and for 2-6 players, this will be a must have – because its so simple, non gamers will pick it up quickly and enjoy it, and it has enough cruel manipulation that experienced gamers will enjoy it too. 

We got Muffin Time as a kickstarter, however it is available now from various retailers and presumably (hopefully!) at some point, from Big Potato too! 

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2 thoughts on “Review: Muffin Time”

    1. It’s a great game and cannot recommend it enough. I’m a bit funny with card games as I usually don’t like the mechanics but this one had us in stitches. We got this game as a Kickstarter but I did hear some retailers did get hold of some. Great game for a great price and fun for everyone.

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