Miniature Monday – Eric Geer


On the first Monday of every month, we explore all aspects of miniatures. We look at painting and painters, sculpts and sculptors and everything in between. We will delve into the very early stages of miniature painting and printing, all the way through to masterpieces of experience. 


My name is Eric Geer , I have been a visual and miniature artist for over 20 years.

Recently I’ve been exploring more ways to incorporate multidirectional lighting effects and bold color schemes – incorporating elements of realism and surrealism to create a unique style.

godtear red bandits painted by Eric Geer

The intent of the style for the painting of Rangosh and his Red Bandit followers was to try to mimic some of Godtear’s game/concept art, particularly the image below:

godtear rangosh game art steamforged games

I first developed the color scheme on Rangosh…

…then transferred the same aesthetic over to the Red Bandits.

godtear red bandits painted by Eric Geer

Lastly,  I did spend plenty of time on each and every face to make them have lively looks and expressions.

Overall I’m very pleased how they turned out.

Rangosh and red bandits painted by Eric Geer

red bandits and a banner godtear

Eric Geer remains to be my favourite miniature painter. His style is truly unique, it has that surreal lighting effect akin to early sci-fi posters. Brimming with fantastic colours he can blend all kind of phenomenally garish palettes together. Whether you are a beginner or a pro, Mr Geer will provide bizarre inspiration to you.